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Action Sports: A Personal History of Commitment and Progression

My successes and (mostly) failures with surfing recently made me realise that I’ve journeyed through ‘the progression curve’ of 4 different action sports now.  So, can my previous experiences learning to skateboard, to snowboard and to downhill mountain bike help me through the next tricky stage of my surfing progression? Only one way to find out…   Part 1: Skateboarding It was 1995 and I was 14 years old.  Channel 4 had a TV show on Sunday mornings that had me transfixed; Board Stupid, I was an avid watcher and…


Top 6 Travel Insurance Providers for Action Sports

This article outlines a basic summary and comparison of 6 travel insurance providers who offer cover for the following action sports: Skateboarding Snowboarding Surfing Scuba Diving Mountain Biking The 6 travel insurance providers are: Dogtag World Nomads Snowcard Lloyds Bank Travel Insurance InsureandGO SportsCover Direct   But why should you trust my opinion?  Well, let me introduce myself, before I gave up the Mon-Fri 9-5 to become a travel blogger I used to work in travel insurance for over 7 years; the international medical emergency assistance coordination sector to be…


Mexico to Guatemala…and back again (Mexico 2017)

Part 1: The Hippy Skate Party @ Misión México The staff, volunteers and kids had all put a lot of effort into preparations for the Hippy Skate Party, including making decorations, tye-dying 30+ t-shirts, various cooking experiments, and even frozen watermelon lollies…so obviously in true sod’s law fashion the heavens opened and it went tropical-monsoon-crazy on us just as festivities were set to begin! We didn’t let that dampen our spirits though (even if everything else in sight was utterly drenched).  I’d have to say the highlight was getting to…


Skate Mexico 2017 in Tapachula – The Finale (Mexico 2017)

The Skate Comp So this week I’m going to change it up a little bit and dust off my pretty basic video editing skills (did someone say ‘Windows Movie Maker’? ;P) it seemed like the best way to report on the mini skate competition we had last Saturday.  Like I’ve said before, no one wants to read about skateboarding, you wanna see it!     This competition was a first for me in the fact that I organised the majority of the event and also acted as cameraman, sure it…


Skate Mexico 2017 in Tapachula – Chapter Three (Mexico 2017)

Part 1: Ups and downs It’s been an emotional week here at Misión México, amongst the usual ups and downs the kids were finally presented with their new skate shoes, and we also said farewell to our little friend Salvador (not his real name for security reasons).  Due to a change in his family’s circumstances Salv has been able to go and live full-time with his sister. I was quite moved by the palpable emotions on display during the days leading up to him leaving; he shared a room with…


Skate Mexico 2017 in Tapachula – Chapter Two (Mexico 2017)

This past week at Misión México has been all about skateboarding in various forms; from repairing ramps, to buying new skate shoes for the kids, teaching them how to mount grip-tape on new boards, and even a trip down to the local Los Laureles Skatepark. It’ll be another photo based blog this week, because let’s be honest, no one wants to read about skateboarding, you wanna see it! Part 1: Los Laureles Skatepark Last Saturday the kids were clamouring to get out of the refuge for a couple of hours…

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Skate Mexico 2017 in Tapachula – Chapter One (Mexico 2017)

Part 1: Finishing the grind box build After what seems like an age we finally got around to completing the grind box at Misión México; I must say I’m really happy with the finished product.  There’s a simple joy in creating and building things which I think reflects a deeper truth about what drives us as human beings.  It’s only a bunch of wood bolted together with some blue and green paint slapped on top but there were quite a few people involved in the project overall; and more importantly,…


Volunteering with Misión México in Tapachula – Chapter Two (Mexico 2017)

Part 1: Skate Mexico 2017 Let’s just say life at Misión México has been an ‘eclectic experience’ during the past month.  Last week’s blog described the initial stages of learning about volunteering and getting to know the niños; this week will be more photography based as we cover the progression of the Skate Mexico 2017 project. I was delighted in late May this year when the Skate Mexico 2017 crowdfunding campaign succeeded in raising over $3,000 USD in 6 months for the kids at Misión México (thanks again to all…


Volunteering with Misión México in Tapachula – Chapter One (Mexico 2017)

  Part 1: Everyday life in Tapachula (just to give you some context) In last week’s blog I described the weather in Tapachula as ‘some sort of tropical oven from hell’…well, on a bad day that’s still a fair description amongst those of us volunteering here, but at least the bad days don’t seem to be as frequent recently, so maybe we are acclimatising? Even when you do get used to the heat and humidity though, the bugs, insects and mosquitos are another matter entirely; some days you just feel…


Skate Alton, Hampshire

Alton skatepark: Frontside boardslide in 2005