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Scuba Diving in Tayrona National Park + Other Adventures (Colombia 2018)

Part 1: Welcome to Santa Marta Come to Colombia they said.  It’ll be fun they said; and they weren’t wrong! ‘They’ are our good friends Jamie and Paola who have an awesome little place located in the coastal town of Santa Marta, northern Colombia, and who invited us over to stay in May 2018.  Jamie was keen to show us some of the amazing Tayrona National Park as soon  as he could, and what better way to sweat out the jet-lag than to go for a 3-hour trek in 30…

One Year of Travel Blogging: How has it worked out so far? (+ Affiliate Partnerships)

Part 1: How did it all start? That’s a tough one.  When I first quit my job back in 2016 all I knew was that I needed to finish my Masters degree dissertation and that I wanted to travel somewhere in Central America, basing myself in a place where I could spend a decent few months really learning to surf.  It’s only after I’d begun to organise the skate crowdfunding campaign for the kids at Mision Mexico that my girlfriend happened to mention that maybe I could write about it…

Action Sports: A Personal History of Commitment and Progression

My successes and (mostly) failures with surfing recently made me realise that I’ve journeyed through ‘the progression curve’ of 4 different action sports now.  So, can my previous experiences learning to skateboard, to snowboard and to downhill mountain bike help me through the next tricky stage of my surfing progression? Only one way to find out… Part 1: Skateboarding It was 1995 and I was 14 years old.  Channel 4 had a TV show on Sunday mornings that had me transfixed; Board Stupid, I was an avid watcher and became…

Top 6 Travel Insurance Providers for Action Sports (2017)

This article outlines a basic summary and comparison of 6 travel insurance providers who offer cover for the following action sports: Skateboarding Snowboarding Surfing Scuba Diving Mountain Biking The 6 travel insurance providers are: Dogtag World Nomads Snowcard Lloyds Bank Travel Insurance InsureandGO SportsCover Direct   But why should you trust my opinion?  Well, let me introduce myself, before I gave up the Mon-Fri 9-5 to become a travel blogger I used to work in travel insurance for over 7 years; the international medical emergency assistance coordination sector to be…

France 2013 – Megavalanche (Gallery)

Qualification: way steeper than it looks!   First slog done, now for the hard bit down to the valley!   Cruising the Alpine Meadow  

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