Skate Mexico 2017 in Tapachula – The Finale (Mexico 2017)

The Skate Comp

So this week I’m going to change it up a little bit and dust off my pretty basic video editing skills (did someone say ‘Windows Movie Maker’? ;P) it seemed like the best way to report on the mini skate competition we had last Saturday.  Like I’ve said before, no one wants to read about skateboarding, you wanna see it!

This competition was a first for me in the fact that I organised the majority of the event and also acted as cameraman, sure it was only a small shindig and just a bit of fun for the kids but its surprising how much there was to consider.  Massive thanks goes to my fellow volunteers Sophie and Maggie at Misión México for their help, and also to Delmar and Choco for being the judges.

The kids seemed to enjoy the experience and were really supportive of each other throughout, shouting and cheering at their peers’ achievements; “Si puedes!” (yes, you can do it!) was the phrase of the day! The winner of each category got to choose a brand new board, trucks, wheels, bearings and hardware from the gear we bought using the Skate Mexico 2017 donations.  Second place got new ‘phat’ shoe laces and stickers, third place got stickers, and since there were only 3 kids in each category, everyone walked away with a little something…although they were all stumped as to why anyone would want ‘phat’ laces, or brand new laces at all for that matter.  I think this might be proof that I’m getting old, ‘phat laces’ were a thing in the 90’s! Honestly! #cryingwithlaughteremoji

Here’s a few shots of the prize-giving:

Little C loves his stickers

Little M wins the ‘chiquitos’ category

V wins the older girls category

Q wins the boys category

P picks up second place

G wins the guys category

Just one week left with Misión México and then I’m off to Guatemala for a few days…as you do.  Last thing on the list is a mid-summer party for the kids which also acts as my leaving party, the theme; Hippy Skate!  Time to try out some tye-dye and get my bandana on!  Tune in next week to see the photos.

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