Skate Mexico 2017 in Tapachula – Chapter One (Mexico 2017)

Part 1: Finishing the grind box build

After what seems like an age we finally got around to completing the grind box at Misión México; I must say I’m really happy with the finished product.  There’s a simple joy in creating and building things which I think reflects a deeper truth about what drives us as human beings.  It’s only a bunch of wood bolted together with some blue and green paint slapped on top but there were quite a few people involved in the project overall; and more importantly, the kids got to witness (and be involved in) a multi-day building project in its various stages, from a pile of wood to a complete skate feature.

The materials for the box were paid for using funds from the Skate Mexico 2017 campaign, so thanks again to all of you who donated and helped spread the message, you made this all possible:

Alan oversees the final stages with Delmar, Q and C

Delmar adds the metal edges

Delmar, M, M and V triumphant on the new skate feature

I’m happy to take credit for the OCD paint job ;P


C approves the finished product in his usual statesman-like manner

C christens the new feature

Part 2: Skateboarding with the kids

Now that we’ve got a couple more volunteers there’s been more time to spend skating with the kids.  Starting with the basics seemed like the best plan:

M watches over the beginners

J and M get skating

1 of 4: D takes a run-up

2 of 4: D takes flight

3 of 4: D lands on target

4 of 4: D smashes her first 50-50 grind!

‘I’ gets creative with his tricks

1 of 3: J lines up

2 of 3: J drops in

3 of 3: J rolls away clean

V rides away fakie

Q ollies onto the new box

Q making it look easy

Delmar has become a good friend and a great source of skate inspiration for both me and the kids over the past few weeks.  He successfully transitioned through Misión México a few years ago and is working hard on his skating to re-connect with some of his old sponsors; check out the short skate clip below filmed at Misión México, this is him just on an average day!

Delmar and Mariella with C and M


M and M loving the new boards

Just a great photo! 

So it was only a short blog this week, I think the photos speak volumes without me having to ramble on about it.  I can’t believe I’ve only got 3 weeks left volunteering with the kids here in Tapachula, I’m sure there will still be great challenges and enjoyable times ahead; we’ve got a mini skate competition to organise before I go!

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