The Good Kind of Gringo? (Mexico 2017)

You may remember from the last blog update in early September that Sayulita was looking a little worse for wear after the rainy season.  This came as a bit of a shock to me at the time since I had expected to return to the bright and sunny Sayulita I remembered from May, well, a valuable lesson learnt about Mexican weather patterns I suppose.

I had also been so keen to get back out on the waves and continue developing my surf fitness that I went a bit OTT on day one and ended up doing myself a mischief.  So, after a hugely fun time in Puerto Escondido and visions of a triumphant return to surf every day in Sayulita, I now found myself injured and spending the vast majority of time indoors due to daily tropical rain storms, a shed load of mud everywhere and dull, grey clouds.  I might as well have been back in England! (UK friends, family and girlfriend, please note the heavy sarcasm intended here!) ;P

September therefore turned out to be, well, a little depressing to be honest; but it just goes to show that the travel blogging life is far from perfect despite what it might look like on Instagram sometimes.  Thankfully I had my friends Nixs at the Sayulita Suites and Nara at Paraiso Yoga to help maintain my sanity.

Part 1: Helping out here and there

I am by no means a local in Sayulita, but I’d like to think that I qualify as more than just a tourist, and to be considered ‘the good kind of gringo’.  You see there’s two ends to the gringo spectrum; at one end is the loud, obnoxious, non-Spanish speaking gringo who haggles with every harassed store owner down to the last damn peso, even though the item they want to buy is already good value based on exchange rates, and the amount they’re haggling over might only be the equivalent to $2 or $3 USD.

The other end of the spectrum is a more respectful individual who makes an effort to speak Spanish, leaves a decent tip, and appreciates a fair price when they see one.  If there is an invitation to discuss prices then understand that when the store owner says they can’t go any lower, then that’s where you stop.  These are people trying to make a living so repeatedly haggling over the equivalent of a few US dollars is annoying at best, and downright insulting at worst.

Anyway, I digress.

To snap myself out of the moody little bubble I had created I decided to see what I could do to help the local community.  Initially this meant making a donation to Pro Sayulita and emailing them to see if I could volunteer my time in any way, unfortunately they never got back to me about that except to ask where I would prefer my donation to be invested; as a wannabe surfer I chose the waste water treatment option!

It just so happened that my friend Nara at Paraiso Yoga was refurbishing her business premises prior to the busy season and had plenty of walls to paint, so that was where I ended up spending a few afternoons with a tin of very happy yellow paint.

Yeah I know, loud t-shirt…that’s why it’s my painting t-shirt

Paraiso Yoga has a great vibe and I thoroughly recommend popping in to say hello and join in with a few sessions if you are in town, they’re very reasonably priced and start at $170 Pesos (c. £7 GBP) and with very colourful walls.

In addition to helping out with some painting, Nixs and I also decided to take one of the stray cats that lives around the Sayulita Suites to the vet.  Although she’s massively affectionate with humans, ‘Lady Chubbington’ is also a bit of a street fighter with other cats and thus had some pretty badly weeping sores and cuts.

Cat overload


‘Lady Chubbington’ with her sores and itchy skin


Check out the different coloured eyes 

Vet visit 1 of 4


Vet visit 2 of 4

It took both me and Nixs to carry the bulky container we’d adapted for ‘Chubbs’ since she would constantly try to escape as we walked down the street, plus there were a few odd looks from passer’s by at the box making loud meowing noises.  I’m glad to report that the antibiotics seem to be working and her scabs are clearing up, result!

Part 2: A visit from someone very special (aka ‘The Travel Kettyle’)

Someone very special made her second trip to Mexico in October so we could celebrate her 30th!  I think I earnt some decent brownie points with the presents; one of which was a snorkelling trip to the Marietas Islands booked through Sayulita Entourage, best summed up by the awesome little 2-minute video edit below, made by the lady herself (soon to be known by her own travel vlogging name The Travel Kettyle).

We also made a 30-minute cab journey to the insanely exotic Imanta Resorts for The Travel Kettyle’s Birthday dinner.  The place is literally surrounded by jungle, even once you drive through the entrance gates it’s another 10 minute-drive to get to the drop off area.  Once at the drop off area you then hop into a chauffeur driven golf cart where the smartly-dressed guy says, “Welcome to Jurassic Park”, which is exactly what it felt like as we trundled along the dimly lit trails, half expecting a gigantic tyrannosaur head to burst through the foliage or to spot a cheeky velociraptor darting through the shadows.

Joking aside, there is a jaguar and two cubs living in there somewhere apparently, although they try to stay as far away from humans as possible.  Don’t blame ‘em.

The service at Imanta Resorts was impeccable and the menu not as pricey as we had feared given that the place looks like a Hollywood superstar hangout.  I thoroughly recommend a visit.

Action Sports Nomad + The Travel Kettyle at Imanta Resorts, Punta de Mita

Part 3: Random pictures

Sayulita comes back to life after the rainy season


Amazing prawn and chicken fajitas at ‘El Chile Relleno’ in Sayulita


The Travel Kettyle’s slightly classier shot


Ma-hoosive palms being dragged to the top floor of Sayulita Suites to repair the ‘palapa’ part of the roof

Epic Aztec jaguar warrior piece from Tierra Huichol


The attention to detail of the bead placement keeps my OCD side happy

Tune in next week to hear about how Sayulita celebrates Dia de los Muertos!

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