About me

Short version

2016: I quit my Mon-Fri job in England due to stress overload; took some time out to re-discover my balance, re-think my life and finish my Masters degree. Flew to Mexico in 2017 for a 7 month adventure travelling and volunteering through Central America; if it involved skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, scuba diving or mountain biking then I tried to experience it and tell you all about it…hopefully making it easier for you to go try it for yourself.

Long version

Hi folks, my name is Jon, I was born in 1981 and I’m from a small town called Alton, in Hampshire, England.  After spending 5 years working and snowboarding in ski resorts around the world I returned to England at the age of 28 to grow up, get a career and buy my first property’; with a bit of luck and a lot of hard work the plan succeeded…

Fast forward 6 years however and I was just about to snap in two; working 12 hour days/50-70 hour weeks slumped in front of a computer screen, every day crammed with constant stress, feeling like a slave to the job (and sinking half a bottle of red most nights to try and dull the pain).

The simple lesson I learnt: happiness is more important than money!

So, with help from my family and friends I managed to regain control of my life. I quit my job, sold my flat, and made a plan to travel the world ‘until further notice’

I travelled around Mexico for 7 months in 2017 and then my girlfriend and I spent a few months travelling through some of the countries in Central and South America in 2018.  It was a blast until the reality of earning a steady income reared its ugly head.  We’ve not given up our dream of travelling the globe but we have had to make some sacrifices in order to come back to the reality of bills and everyday life.

2019: Somehow I’ve ended up working back in the same industry that caused me all the stress in the first place! But this time with a different company and on much better terms.  The travel blogging dream didn’t work out quite as planned but all is not lost!

I’ve managed to create some balance between work and play, so even though blogging is only a hobby now, it still offers up some pretty healthy discounts and opportunities if you persevere.  Check out the rest of my site for more info.

Picture taken in 2015 before quitting work in 2016, this was on a good day! 

Picture taken during the first month of my travels in May 2017, much happier already!